Monday, September 3, 2007

B-DAY 9-2-80

So today is my 27th birthday and I decided to try something new with my hair. I picked up a few packs of hair rods on Friday after work. I wasn't sure how it was going to come out but I said hey nothing beats a failure but a try. After an early b-day dinner with my family I got home late and shampooed my hair and slept in my conditioner cap (should've taken a picture of that :). Saturday morning I slathered my dripping wet hair with Pantenes cream oil moisturizer and tediously rolled my entire head. Whew!! My arms were tired from coaxing my curls to lay flat around those rollers from the ends to the roots, nevertheless I did it. After about an hour under the hooded dryer my curls were dry, bouncy and SILKY. After a cool shower(that dryer was HOTTTT!!!) I rubbed a handful of Tea-tree oil through my curls pulling my fingers from root to ends seperating the curls. With my recent hair cut courtesy of my stylist Chaundra the other day the curls just fell into place. It turned out 10 times prettier than I expected prooving once again Natural curls can do anything they "set" their minds to you do know curls have a mind of their own :) Stay tuned more styles to come.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fall Picks

My 14 year old neice called me today and asked if I could take her to the mall. It's the last weekend before the new school year starts and homegirl is facing her first year of highschool so you know she got to be fly. Tyra and the girls on ANTM ain't got nothing on the models that will be stepping off the big cheese, and stomping the yard on the first day of school. The three major components on the first day of school for us ladies will always be hair, outfit, and shoes. This day sets the fashion bar for the rest of the school year. Boy do I remember the days, while I was never the flyest chick in school,(it takes $$$ to earn that title), I was definetly stylish. I come from a long line clothes and shoe freaks so I've got style seeping from my pores. After talking to my neice I started thinking about pieces to add to my wardrobe for this Fall and here are just a few of my picks. I love textures, fabrics, and classic pieces that I can carry over to another fashion season. Check out these butter soft leather gloves I choose the red and the blue pair. Wide leg jeans have made a comeback and this pair of wide leg round pocket Joe Jeans remind of Thelma from GoodTimes, I've gotta have these. I've always loved polka dots so this ruffled lapel dotted wrap top with its wide side sash tie is not only cute as a button but also has an instant slimming effect to the midsection. Justin isn't the only one bringing sexy back this Royal drape back sweater is just the top I need to go with my knee length purple leather boots with a sexy pair of slim fitted jeans, that look will definetly have people talking behind my back. Next up is a great looking heather gray tunic length drape neck sweater with roll button sleeves and sweatshirt pockets, this will look great over a pair of leggings the 80's are back! Coats are the rave this season and I so want this double breasted mock neck trench. Berry tones are in this season and this suede and patent peep toe pump will look great with jeans, dress slacks, or even a dress you just can't go wrong with these. There's nothing like a crisp white collared shirt, this mid thigh length top puts a nice spin on the classic staple, with its slightly puffed sleeves, detailed bodice and cinch waist. We love anything that slims the waistline. Finally I told you the 80's are back I'm going to an 80's themed party next weekend and everyone is wearing 80's gear. Shell toe Addidas were where it was at. I'm thinking I'll rock the label out with my Addidas jogging pants a tee-shirt and these new styled shelltoes with a thick gold rope and a Kangol.Jam Master J this ones for you RIP!!! So whats on your Fall shopping list?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hair Show

I found these great looks on and thought I'd share. You can acheive great style no matter what length or texture natural you have. I don't know what I find more beautiful the hairstyles on these ladies or the gorgeous radiant skin on these ladies. Black is Beautiful.

Men, Love and Hair

Okay so I haven't posted in a few days and the ideas have been misseling through my brain at such a rapid pace, I can't seem to find the time to release them from the captivity of my mind. But I digress, today during my lunch break I stole away from the plantation and wandered over to Barnes and Noble. I strolled the aisles and ended up in the romance section where I came across this title "Nappily Married" by Trisha Thomas. My curiosity peaked, I slid the novel from the shelf and saw that one of my favorite authors Kimberly Lawson Roby had given it her stamp of approval, decided it wasworth the $13.95. Back at my desk I immediately began reading chapter 1. The story begins with the main character in "The Chair" at the salon demanding the stylist straighten her gorgeous mass of curls with.......dun dun dun dun a relaxer. I immediately got settled in my chair for an emotional, drama filled ride. OK thats all you get from me, you'll have to cop the book and read it for yourself. I read through the first two chapters, (didn't want Masa to catch me reading on the job :) and decided to pick it back up later. I want to savor the read instead of rushing through it and missing out on its lessons. The reason this book caught my attention is because it explores a natural sisters relationship with her husband. The predecessor to this is "Nappily Ever After" which I haven't read, so I'll have to grab a copy of that as well to get a complete view of the character and her life. Anyway when I did the "big chop" last year I didn't give much thought to it, I just told the stylist cut until you stop seeing straight ends. I didn't care what anyone else thought, and as I watched my curls blossom I began to realize men don't approach me anymore. They stare, they smile, but that's about it. Even guys I've dated in the past don't seem comfortable with my choice of freedom when they see me. One guy in particular, I told over the phone "I went natural and its is so pretty" but everytime he saw me I would have my hair straightened(with a ceramic iron of course), just recently he and I went out and I wore my curly fro. As I walked up to meet him I was checking his face for an indication of what he thought. He was speechless, which is really weird. I said to him "you like", his response as he inspected it from all angles a hesistant "Yeah". That was it. I couldn't help but get the feeling he liked it but didn't love it. Another guy friend came right out and said to me your hair is cool but you should perm it I liked it better that way. It resurrected the question in my head do men really like women with natural hair?You hear guys saying all the time I don't like weaves, and wigs I like natural real hair. Really? It almost seems like the natural is intimidating. I mean sure it takes a great deal of confidence to wear natural hair, its unique and unpredictable. Your hair never looks exactly the way it did yesterday and no other natural looks like yours. I've talked to some women who say my man didn't like it at first but he's fine with it now. Its a subject I'll probably never get any real understanding on but it's interesting never the less. So I pose these questions if you're a natural girl- Did you notice a difference in men's reactions to you? To the girls who are thinking about discovering your roots :)- Is attractability to men a concern of yours? To the guys that check out the site- Would you or have you dateed a woman with natural hair? Whats your take on this issue.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stylist Shoutout

How well do you and your stylist get along? Do the two of you share common interest, and have stimulating conversation that makes your salon visit feel more like the two of you are 16 year old girlfriends just hanging out having a good time. How well does she understand your hairs needs? Do you have to ask her for routine maintenace or does your stylist carefully go through your hair assesing your personal situation and educate you on what you can do in between visits to promote healthy beautiful hair. Does she make it a point to give you what you ask for or do you sit for hours feeling the weight of her hands through your hair to finally be turned around to the mirror and see something totally different from the picture you showed her 3 times. I'm sure we've all had good and bad salon experiences over the years. I know for me finding someone who I connect with that also has the gift of hairstyling was a challenge until I met my current stylist. We just clicked. Salons are filled with cosmetologist but few have that special gift that makes them a stylist. So if you have found someone who is truly a "Stylist" share her with the world. Sure your hair speaks for her work but your words are what make the difference and word of mouth is a gift that keeps on giving. Support Naturalist. So this post is dedicated to my stylist a real cool sista that stepped out on faith opened her own shop and is living her dreams. A wife, mother, entrepuneuer and sweetheart.
Chaundra-Master Stylist/Loctician. Naturals Salon & Spa, Richmond VA. Hit up the page and shout out your stylist. If we don't promote 'em who will.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meet Foxy Fro

Foxy Fro is an idea that I've been carrying around for about nine months now and I've finally decided to give birth to her. I've been a natural beauty for a year and 2 months now and its the best decision I've made in my life. In letting go of the creamy crack and whacking off my shoulder length locs last year I discovered two things, I didn't really need a chemical to straighten my hair and I didn't really know who I was until I fired the imposter and let the real me shine through. On my natural journey I've experimented with a variey of products, as well as tried different styling techniques for my natural hair. I probably don't have to tell you how hard it is to find galleries filled with pictures of natural hair. Usually I find lots of pics of braids, locs, and weaves (figure that one out). Well I say what about us natural curly, kinky, nappy sistas that don't want to braid or loc? What can we do besides an Afro, or a puff to side, back, or top? One of my goals in developing this spot is to provide pictures of free natural syles that you can acheive as a Do it Yourself or when you want to be pampered and visit your local natural stylist. I look forward to hearing from all you Natural Foxes out there who want to take the world by storm by being naturally fabulous.

P.S this pic was taked a minutes after I started this blog, and I'm rocking this lame puff to the back, but I have an appointment tomorrow to get my curls cut and styled. I've found a fabulous natural stylist in my area that understands my hair needs. So check me out tomorrow and see my transformation.