Monday, September 3, 2007

B-DAY 9-2-80

So today is my 27th birthday and I decided to try something new with my hair. I picked up a few packs of hair rods on Friday after work. I wasn't sure how it was going to come out but I said hey nothing beats a failure but a try. After an early b-day dinner with my family I got home late and shampooed my hair and slept in my conditioner cap (should've taken a picture of that :). Saturday morning I slathered my dripping wet hair with Pantenes cream oil moisturizer and tediously rolled my entire head. Whew!! My arms were tired from coaxing my curls to lay flat around those rollers from the ends to the roots, nevertheless I did it. After about an hour under the hooded dryer my curls were dry, bouncy and SILKY. After a cool shower(that dryer was HOTTTT!!!) I rubbed a handful of Tea-tree oil through my curls pulling my fingers from root to ends seperating the curls. With my recent hair cut courtesy of my stylist Chaundra the other day the curls just fell into place. It turned out 10 times prettier than I expected prooving once again Natural curls can do anything they "set" their minds to you do know curls have a mind of their own :) Stay tuned more styles to come.


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Anonymous said...

How cute are you...ohmigoodness. all the effort and curlers were worth it.
Peace and Nappiness
Trish Thomas
author of Nappily Married
(thanks for picking up a copy : )

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Anonymous said...

I really like your hairstyle in this picture! It looks like a good haircut has also helped its shape and style. I haven't tried that particular hair creme, but I have tried hair mousse and got similar results with shine and hold, without excess dryness, which can be typical of styling products with holding properties. Thanks for posting this information.