Friday, August 24, 2007

Stylist Shoutout

How well do you and your stylist get along? Do the two of you share common interest, and have stimulating conversation that makes your salon visit feel more like the two of you are 16 year old girlfriends just hanging out having a good time. How well does she understand your hairs needs? Do you have to ask her for routine maintenace or does your stylist carefully go through your hair assesing your personal situation and educate you on what you can do in between visits to promote healthy beautiful hair. Does she make it a point to give you what you ask for or do you sit for hours feeling the weight of her hands through your hair to finally be turned around to the mirror and see something totally different from the picture you showed her 3 times. I'm sure we've all had good and bad salon experiences over the years. I know for me finding someone who I connect with that also has the gift of hairstyling was a challenge until I met my current stylist. We just clicked. Salons are filled with cosmetologist but few have that special gift that makes them a stylist. So if you have found someone who is truly a "Stylist" share her with the world. Sure your hair speaks for her work but your words are what make the difference and word of mouth is a gift that keeps on giving. Support Naturalist. So this post is dedicated to my stylist a real cool sista that stepped out on faith opened her own shop and is living her dreams. A wife, mother, entrepuneuer and sweetheart.
Chaundra-Master Stylist/Loctician. Naturals Salon & Spa, Richmond VA. Hit up the page and shout out your stylist. If we don't promote 'em who will.

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oneflyblogger said...

I love my stylist...Shawn a Healthy Hair by Shawn. I have run the gamut of stylists and one I followed around the city for about 7 years. The straw that broke the camel's back was when she had about 7 of us in various states of wetness and she walked out and said she had to go to court. My stylist now is very professional, has her prices posted and the longets you will ever be in there is 3 hours and that is pushing it. Most of us have booked our appointments through here is a shout out to you Shawn...thanks for hooking the sisters up!